Increased productivity and better colaboration: It will help you improve communication with clients and employees at a really low cost.


If your company need new software or hardware and quickly solving complex problems, we will be your best consultants.


Improve the management of your IT resources with our Outsourcing services and eliminate the risk and total dependence on your IT department.

Welcome to Safike

We are a team of professionals specialized in providing services and consulting in IT areas like Software Development, Telecommunications, IP Telephony and Web App Development.

For that purpose we count on reliable and adequate human resources, and the latest technology. Our interest as a company is the development of innovative IT projects in benefit of our clients and community.

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Office Santo Domingo, Ecuador.
Av. Guayaquil 203 y Río Mulaute.
tel: +59322753632

Office Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Parque Empresarial Colón, Edificio Empresarial 1, oficina 206.
tel: +59397097064